3D Interior Design + Concept Plans

Whether you need a roadmap for your project or new ideas, 3D Interior Design and Concept Plans can help get you on your way!



Up to a two hour person-to-person consultation for Residential, Commercial or Hospitality Design.


Health and Wellness Spaces

Interested in making your space healthier? Want to infuse sustainability and nature into your environment?


Property Needs Assessments (Commercial + Hospitality)

Stop wasting time trying to figure out if a particular building will work for your business! With some research and investigation, we can confidently guide you into the perfect space!


Material and Finish Selections (Kitchens and Baths)

Put the icing on your cake, so to speak! We help personalize the best materials and finishes for your unique project.


Online Design

Envision a room completely personalized for you...all done online


Space Cleansing and House Blessings (Offices, too!)

We cleanse, bless and raise the energetic vibration of your home or office. All Blessings are performed by an Ordained Minister/Reiki Master Teacher.