Old design ideas still floating around in your head?

Discover new ideas and possibilities! What are you waiting for?

Does any of this sound like a broken record?

  • Unsure of what is needed in a new design project?

  • What the heck are we doing? Maybe we need a professional to help us out

  • Everything is too overwhelming!

  • Need help prioritizing the most important items

  • How much should I invest? I have no idea what things cost!


Let a Designer help bring clarity to your design project!

Let’s face it, having someone to bounce ideas off of, is a great way to brainstorm. But imagine having a neutral party offer suggestions that maybe you hadn’t entertained before?

Ready to get your design dream started?

  • Professional guidance to help you through endless and overwhelming choices with feedback and opinions to make sure you are heading in the right direction

  • Develop focus and confidence on what you truly want and need

  • Peace of mind and confident decision-making


The Design Consultation: Helping you clear up confusion and uncertainty of your design drama with a focus on your priorities to ensure a successful project

Up to 2 hours of one-on-one Time for your project

Our goal for each consultation is to bring clarity and a preliminary outline for you to get started on your design project. Clarification of priorities, goals, investments and other items help to move ideas into plans of action - Think of this as the Initial Strategy Session!


Here is how a Consultation works…

Simple steps to get your project organized and on the right track!

  • Step 1 - Schedule a quick 15-20 minute chat

  • Step 2 - Complete the Client Questionnaire/Survey

  • Step 3 - Book Appointment with Payment to secure time slot

  • Step 4 - Project Consultation Appointment!


Consultations are limited. Schedule a Consult Now.


Your Investment starts at $497 $397


“I’m not sure if I need a consultation”

You may know what you need and like for your ideal space, but Designers also need to know the what and why’s, or the real nuts and bolts, of your specific project! The consultation is considered a working brainstorming session to jot down and entertain new ideas. You are more than welcome to use the information we discuss as you see fit for your needs or you can hire us to implement additional services - it is totally up to you.

Why not dream big? Let’s see what the possibilities can look like? Let’s get you what you really want for your space instead of constantly looking at other inspiration and never attempting to incorporate it!


Ideal for those who…

  • Are overwhelmed and confused about where to start

  • Having trouble prioritizing each phase of your project

  • Want help and ideas for elements of your space

  • Need recommendations to implement on your own

  • Would like to discuss the feasibility of ideas for their projects



When is Payment due for this process?

Payment is required to book the consultation and to get it onto our schedule. Once a payment has been made and cleared, we will verify your consultation appointment via email.

Are you going to design my House or Office/Business in 2 hours?

No! This is a very common misconception and is impossible to do within 2 hours of conversation. Think of this as the Initial Strategy Session. This is a meeting to get an idea about your wants and needs for your design problem, go over how we work, what the possibilities can be, etc. We do not produce any drawings or quote any prices during this meeting.

Am I required to do any type of ‘homework’?

Yes. Modern Lotus Interiors requires every client fill out our questionnaire to begin every project. We need specific information on your requirements, go over how we work and what you can expect before any design work begins. This also forces our clients to actually write down their goals on paper for us. Research has shown just writing down plans has an enormous affect on reaching one’s goals and we like to think you’d want to reach your goals!