Get organized about that design project started already! What are you waiting for?

Does any of this sound like a broken record?

  • Unsure of what is needed in a new design project?

  • What the heck are we doing? Maybe we need a professional to help us out

  • Everything is too overwhelming!

  • How much should I budget? I have no idea what things cost!


Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do, in a timely fashion, for you to realize your design dreams!

Ready to get your design dream started?

  • Have a comprehensive plan with professional guidance to help you through endless and overwhelming choices

  • Peace of mind

  • Receive feedback and opinions from a professional designer to make sure you are heading in the right direction


Project Consultations: An organized way to get your design solutions started

Up to 2 hours of one-on-one consultation for your design project


Here is how a Consultation works…

Simple steps to get your project organized and on the right track!

  • Step 1 - The Client Questionnaire/Survey

  • Step 2 - Schedule Appointment (+ Payment) to secure time slot

  • Step 3 - The Project Consult Appointment


Consultations are limited. Schedule a Consult Now.


Your Investment is $497 $397


Perfect for those who…

  • Are overwhelmed and confused about where to start

  • Need help establishing a budget

  • Having trouble prioritizing phases or sequences

  • Want help and ideas for elements of your space

  • Unsure of what furnishing to keep or to purchase

  • Would like to discuss the feasibility of ideas for their projects

  • Need Commercial, Hospitality or Residential Project advice



Are you going to design my house or office in 2 hours?

No. This is a consultation only. Think of this as an Information Gathering session. This is a meeting to get an idea about your wants and needs for your design problem, go over how we work, what the possibilities can be, etc. We do not produce any drawings or quote any prices in this meeting.

Why do I need to pay for a consultation?

This is a professional working time commitment devoted specifically for you. A lot of information is going to be discussed and explored during this time for your use. You are also paying for our professional opinion, expertise, experience, education and examinations. You hire a designer for a reason: to explore solutions that you may never have thought to entertain.

Am I required to do any type of ‘homework’?

Yes. Modern Lotus Interiors requires every client fill out our questionnaire to begin. We collect specific information on your requirements and needs, go over how we work and what you can expect before any design work begins. This also forces our clients to actually write down items on paper for us. Research has shown just writing down plans has an enormous affect on reaching one’s goals.