Commercial Property Needs Assessment

Wouldn't it be nice to know if the bathroom needs to be updated to be ADA compliant before deciding to rent or lease the space? Is the landlord willing to compromise on what they will do before renting your dream space? Are they allowing anything for renovations?

This service adds another dimension to the design process. With an extensive background in property inspection, Modern Lotus Interiors can help clients avoid the pitfalls of finding their dream space only to find out afterwards that their "perfect" space wasn't so perfect for them. This assessment helps clients make decisions to what building would be best for their business. If you are in search of a new property we can assess the property before you decide to buy or lease it. How can this help you? With these services, save money in the long run with an in-depth assessment of potential properties you are considering in regards to space planning and building codes for your business.

Property Needs Assessment

 Non-Compliant ADA bathroom during site assessment, Costa Mesa, CA

Non-Compliant ADA bathroom during site assessment, Costa Mesa, CA

Bathroom not up to ADA codes? Corridors not wide enough? Not enough parking spots for your employees? Find out these important details before signing that lease! You want to find out these conditions BEFORE you sign on the dotted line! 

This Property Needs Assessment includes:

  • One site visit with a property observation
  • Site pictures
  • Current Building Codes research and compliance review of property's jurisdiction (municipal codes, ADA codes, county codes, etc)
  • Building Occupancy requirements
  • Parking regulations evaluation (# of spaces allotted, # of ADA parking spaces needed, etc)
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing survey
  • Landlord's Leasing requirements review
  • Any other special departments that needs attention for your project (Fire Dept, Health Dept, etc)
  • Customized Report of all included items 

This package is NOT for design and site measurements. This is strictly for a property assessment of what would be needed to be implemented into a design with a specific property.  Consultation, Site Measurements and Space Planning + Layout are separate items and can be added onto the package for additional charges.

Travel is within North Orange County, CA; Areas outside North Orange County will incur additional travel fees.

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