Property Needs Assessment

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You need a new space for your business

We make it easier and more productive to search for your needs


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Looking for a space for your business, due to growing pains/expansion or a new business idea, but you don’t know exactly what you need to look for?

  • Are you aware of the many requirements needed to implement into your business for it to open to the public or for visitors and clients?


Imagine having a specific “roadmap” before your search begins so you can find your perfect space more efficiently

Ready for your roadmap?

Our report covers items specifically tailored to your business and needs, such as:

  • Building codes that need to be implemented (city, state, ADA, etc)

  • Number of Parking Spaces, exits and bathrooms required

  • Any specialized departments that need to be addressed for your business to open

  • Ideal size space to look for based on your specific wants, needs and business requirements


You need the Property Needs Assessment!

See how a process will make your search easier for your particular needs

After doing these types of assessments for some friends, I noticed an opportunity to provide this service for other small business owners and busy professionals. Many of these friends were amazed to know how much information was needed to decide on a place for their business, and wished they knew what to look for before they had already settled on a specific location. Even the Real Estate agents were impressed with the level of detail provided. I took those lessons and developed the Property Needs Assessment to make finding a place easier for businesses.

Commercial Interiors-RAW.jpg

How would this work for my business?

  • Step 1 - Research and Review of Requirements, Regulations, and Special Departments Needed for your particular project

  • Step 2 - Site Visit (Southern California Only)

  • Step 3 - Customized Report so you can refer back to it for your particular company needs and branding


Get Your Property Needs Assessment Started now!

In business, time is money...get started in actually saving your business some much needed funds now!

Your Investment starts at $xxxx $xxxx

How much is it costing you to go from property to property, never finding the right fit for your business? Costs include much more than just also costs you your time. And time is something you will NEVER get back.


A comprehensive assessment will do the following…

  • Avoid wasting time looking at spaces that won’t fit your needs

  • Provide information on the specific needs criteria for your business and brand

  • Give parameters to your property needs

  • Can narrow down a more specific location based on your requirements


Perfect for Busy Professionals and Business Owners

  • Business owners looking to relocate or expand

  • New businesses needing a customized idea of their space


Imagine being able to…

  • Know what to look for

  • Focus on your needs

  • Look to the future with more confidence in your decisions for the business


About Me

I’m Caryn Menches and as a designer I know what to look for in spaces to address your design needs, as well as code requirements for commercial properties. With a strange knack to notice what is off with a space and a background in estimating and inspection, I can help you address the needs for your company, with an eye on the requirements of both design, building codes and the company needs.


Is a consultation required for a Property Needs Assessment?

Yes! As a Designer, I need specific information to help you efficiently make decisions and find a space that fits your needs and requirements. There is a lot of information that is essential for your project to even begin, like the type of business, how many departments, and yes, even how many parking spaces you need, for example, to design and move into any commercial property. If further services are requested, we will already be familiar with the scope of the project and have the information on hand.

I already have the plans. Do you still need to do a site visit?

Yes! As a Designer, I have to authenticate every detail for my clients. Site visits give us the opportunity to verify conditions of the building as well as any items the business will need to use. Somethings to consider: How old are the plans? Are the plans to scale? Are you comfortable using someone else’s information that may or may not be accurate? Is this for a general idea of the space or for specific items to fit into a Space Planning and Layout of the areas? Will specific items of your business’ fixtures, furnishings and equipment fit into the space efficiently?

I thought you were an Interior Designer? How do you know all this stuff?

Being an Interior Designer isn’t just making things look pretty! We need to know a lot of information about things, just like anyone else dealing with structures. In order to be a good designer, we also need to know the current building situation as well as building codes to implement those into any design for commercial properties. In my former life, I was assessing damages to buildings brought on by natural disasters. I had to know how structures were built, in order to inspect and estimate any damages. With different cities requiring different codes and regulations, I became pretty adept to these things really, really quickly!

Can we incorporate Interior Design services along with the Property Needs Assessment service?

Absolutely! We address this at our consultation appointments. By incorporating this particular service with other design services, it will actually be advantageous to you...we will already know you and your project requirements!