Las Vegas Winter 2018 Market

Las Vegas World Market

Las Vegas World Market

OMG...I was in one of the Mecca's of the Design World!! Would you believe Las Vegas?? Yes you read that right! Las Vegas Market is one of the most comprehensive furniture, home decor and gift markets in the western US. It also has the largest mattress shop in the country (I didn't know this part!!) Las Vegas Market started in 2005 as a way to showcase all the vendors and goods dedicated to the Home Furnishing segment (which, by the way, is worth something like a whopping $500 Million..WHA??). It has grown steadily ever since, and now boasts over thousands of vendors' new collections to Designers, Architects, Builders, etc. It also has an International segment as well. Like, how cool is THAT?? It has three GINORMOUS buildings to peruse all the newest offerings from vendors. If you are like me, it was like a huge candy store. I got to see, touch, sit in and admire a LOT of cool stuff the few days I was there.  (I didn't taste any furniture tho!)

And the best thing? I can actually see what kind of quality these things are, talk to others about them, speak to reps, etc before bringing these goodies to my clients. Most of these items are NOT in retail stores. So the only way to get your hands on them is through Interior Designers, like me. Which is why I attended! (You're welcome!! haha)

So some of the prevalent things that kept popping up was immediate after visiting just two floors of one building: reclaimed/rustic woods, a lot of different metallics and many gem-toned items. 

Here are just a FRACTION of the pictures I took on my trip to Las Vegas Market. I hope you like the blingy, pretty, beautiful stuff I saw. Let me know what your favorite is and how we can collaborate on your next project!