Basic Ways to Bring Health into Your Space!


When you walk into a room, it shouldn't harm you in anyway, right?? When I was a teenager, I was severely allergic to EVERYTHING. At least it seemed like everything. Heck, I couldn't even walk on the front yard without my eyes swelling shut by that evening, usually around 2am when I awoke with throbbing pains and my eyelids hot to the touch. That was fun...NOT.

Fast forward many years, and I have outgrown many of those allergies. Every once in a while, especially when I was working in Catastrophe areas, I would walk into a space and my head would automatically tell me to get out, whether it was from sneezing because of dust or some kind of funky, unfamiliar vapor with a putrid stench (more than likely, mold). After working in Houston during a tropical storm, the hotel I stayed at had been flooded out. Well, lucky me, and unbeknownst to me at the time, the hotel failed to tell me that it had flooded out...and promptly gave me a room on the first floor. Within a day of checking in, I started to not feel well. All I knew is it smelled a little musty, but that was it and I didn't even think to question the hotel staff.

Deep coughs I couldn't control, very tired, no hunger...yep, I ended up with pneumonia for the next month. That was also a great plane ride back home, trying to supress coughs aimed at the window. All due to black mold. If you have never had pneumonia before, I highly recommend avoiding it. 

Hopefully, you never had allergies as bad as that, but the reason I am telling these stories is because the interior environments are even MORE susceptible to toxins than the great outdoors. When you're living in a environmentally controlled box every day, sometimes things aren't obvious. 

Next time you want to change things up, in a healthier way, try these things:

  • Change your filters Changing filters is essential to keeping your airflow inside your house circulating with cleaner air. When the filters are clogged, guess what happens to the inside air? It's polluted! Ewww! 
  • Open your windows Another way to bring in fresh air is to open those windows!! Get the fresh air flowing throughout the house. Yes, even a few seconds in the cold helps too!
  • Bring in those plants Plants are a wonderful way to bring the outside in! These babies give off Oxygen and take in Carbon Dioxide - the opposite of what humans do! Even if you don't have much of a green thumb, grab some succulents, which thrive where the conditions are there is no excuse NOT to have plants in your home. (Ok, maybe if you're allergic to certain ones, but still...) 

Embrace nature - it knows how to heal!! Your body, mind and spirit...and the inside, will thank you!