What Exactly IS Holistic Design??

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What is Holistic Design?

I get asked this question A LOT...and it is one of the most viewed pages on my website, so I wanted to introduce the subject to others who aren't familiar with this subject. I was introduced to a 'holistic health' lifestyle about 6 or 7 years ago. This was a very trying time in my life while I dealt with an extremely debilitating disease. It has made a tremendous impact on my life and has ultimately changed the way I think of things in this world. It has also made me much more aware of the world around me. The world is a beautiful planet and full of wonderful, healing things meant for humans to have and to use. We just have to understand that the Earth has provided us with things to help us live a healthy and vibrant life.

Holistic Interior Design is a relatively unknown segment in the Interior Design industry. As for my own definition of Holistic Design, I think of it as this: it takes into account the people and the environment, and finds the most energetic and natural healing solutions in every design project. I eventually found a holistic health practitioner that explained what true health was and that also emphasized the healing solutions of nature - and what it takes for the human body to heal. It perfectly combines my two passions: my background and training in the Interior Design and Construction fields with my education and experience in holistic health. I strive to find items that are healthy for both people and the buildings where we live, work and play in. It is essentially a lifestyle, the true essence of what design is.

According to the Dictionary of Construction (yes, there really is one!), Holistic Design is defined as: 

An approach that emphasizes the functional relationship between the various building parts and the facility as a whole. May include protection of the Earth's resources, as well as an element of spirituality, aiming to create spaces that enrich the quality of the environment and the lives of those who use the building

Why is Holistic Design Important?

Residential Construction Framing  - Can you see the  "bones"  of this building??

Residential Construction Framing - Can you see the "bones" of this building??

To put it in perspective, we are a microcosm of the universe— you can see this in the way our buildings feature similar structures as the human body: each entity having systems, such as plumbing, electrical components, "bones", and ventilation, for example. Remember the saying, the eyes are the windows to the soul?? Yep, same kind of premise! What we put into, and onto, our bodies is just as important as to what we put into our interior environments. 

Many ancient and indigenous cultures, such as the Incas, Moors, Vikings, Egyptians, Native Americans, Asians and Aborigines recognized the power of energy, or energies. There are many different types of energy that affect all things on earth: vibrational, electro-magnetic, hydraulic, solar, just to name a few. Not only do these energies effect all humans and animals, but also the environment: the oceans, rivers, winds, foods, air quality, etc. which are all affected by the thoughts, sounds, and colors of energies. 

It is my hope that I encourage others to think about what is healthy and to question things, for themselves and their interior surroundings. For example, I no longer eat specific foods, that I used to LOVE, knowing that it is unnatural for the body to process certain ingredients to function properly. Just like we know that lead, asbestos and formaldehyde isn't healthy, why do we allow these things into our interiors? (Yes, these are still in our buildings!) If we apply these same principles to our buildings, think of how much healthier we can be! 

Going forward, Modern Lotus Interiors will be focusing on the three main elements of what makes a healthy, healing environment for both humans and the buildings we live in: Healing Energies, Nutrition and Interior Elements. Some of the concepts that will be presented may be foreign or make one feel uncomfortable by entertaining new ideas, BUT, isn’t this how one grows and learns? Remember...everything in the world is connected to each other in one way or another. And know that our Wealth is Our Health!!