Serendipity at the Design Bloggers Conference


I had the great opportunity to attend the Design Bloggers Conference this weekend in Beverly Hills CA at the Beverly Hilton. OK, I actually won the ticket to this event. How did I win it, you ask?? By grabbing my cup of coffee one morning, sitting down to the computer and then logging onto FB to an announcement from the wonderful Claire Jefford from Interior Design Business Strategies asking, the first one who says they want this ticket gets it…I thought for about 20 seconds before I typed those very words…I WANT IT. It was only then I thought, oh crap, do I have anything on my calendar??…oh well, if I do, then that will have to wait! I was super excited but had no idea what to expect, except that I knew I would be surrounded by others that I knew I could learn from. All I can say is it has blown my mind!! It is the day after the conference and I am still trying to wrap my head around all of the information presented. Not only was there a lot of information presented, but this event also had such dynamic presenters on how they came to be who they are today, such as Interior Designer’s Jamie Drake and Miles Redd, Carolyne Roehm, Michelle Workman and Justina Blakely. The series of speakers certainly did not disappoint!

Chair and Sofa.jpg

     I came to the conference knowing only one other person, a fellow designer, which I had met up with the week before in a coffee shop. She just happened to live right down the road from where I live. To be able to meet people that are interested in the same stuff as you, and only seeing what they look like from a tiny thumbnail picture on Facebook, is a crazy thought, at least to me. I can tell you that all the people I met were genuinely interested in each other and bettering themselves. 

     The topics of social media, marketing, publishing; meeting vendors, seeing demonstrations, interacting with other designers and bloggers, networking with other people I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to meet otherwise was invaluable. In fact, I met one vendor, who was also from Orange County. I asked him what part of the OC he was from and he told me, I said I am from North OC. Then we had a nice conversation…how he coached soccer for high schoolers in North OC, in particular, the very same High School I attended. OMG…SERIOUS??? Then he was like, that was long ago, I did that in the early 90s…I said, try me. (Wait, am I that old already??) Then he mentioned someone I knew since elementary school, who I remembered played soccer. So later that day, I sent this particular person a message on FB asking if she knew this guy…random question, I know. Sure enough, she remembered him…and asked if he had an accent. Yep, that was the same guy. Then she remembered that I had a website and stated that she loved seeing my design work!!! OMG, if you think people and things are not connected in some way, you are wrong!!! Just look for opportunities and they can lead to inspiring things, as well as crazy coincidences!! And now I am off to build my design social media post at a time!



PS:  A special shout out to Claire Jefford, Adam Japko and Liza Jones for this incredible opportunity. Thank you!!