3D Drawings + Renderings

Showing clients an actual drawing of what their space will look like before construction starts is an invaluable piece of your business. Get faster client approvals, show spatial relationships between items, and get paid faster with these 3D drawings and/or renderings. Many times, once a client sees the space, they understand how the room will work, kind of like an “aha!” moment!! 

These services are only for Design professionals allied with the Interior Design industry, such as Contractors, Real Estate agents/investors, Architects, Designers, etc. Proof of affiliation is required at time of service (business name/website, license/certification number, etc., will be asked and verified before services commence)

 3D Rendering of First Tee Golf Clubhouse, richmond, va

3D Rendering of First Tee Golf Clubhouse, richmond, va

Kitchen: Line Drawing - No materials, no rendering

Restaurant: Line drawing - no materials, no rendering

Kitchen: Regular drawing - with materials, no rendering

Restaurant: Illustration, no rendering

Kitchen: rendered, photo-realistic drawing

Restaurant: rendered, photo-realistic drawing

Modern Lotus Interiors will need the following details to implement your drawings:

  • Floor Plan(s)*, with Scale
  • Dimensions on Drawings*
  • Elevation(s)
  • Specifications for each space and special areas/items
  • Any mood/concept boards
  • Any custom specifications, if needed
  • Includes one phone call/video conference, if needed


  • Between 1-3 drawings and/or renderings of specified areas. This will be determined at initial meeting/phone call and be based on each project's needs
  • All files will be in .jpg format, unless specified otherwise

Allow a minimum of 7 days lead time from the time of payment to completion. This is dependent on: if ALL required items have been sent from client, the size of the project and if any custom items need to be included. 

NOTE: Not all specified furnishings are available to input into a model. For those items, similar looking items are obtained for the design concept. For similar looking items, the exact selections of colors, materials and some embellishments may be added, if needed, to make it work with the models. If something is super custom, it will need to be re-created.

Custom work will need to be assessed prior to any work beginning, for additional charges.

*These are the MINIMUM pieces required to start any project


Typical Amount of Time to Produce Drawings (No Design Work Involved)

 Wine Room - Concept Drawing

Wine Room - Concept Drawing

 Wine Room - Actual Room

Wine Room - Actual Room