3D Interior Design & Concept Plans

Are you totally and utterly overwhelmed with your project and everything that goes with it? Are you unsure where to begin in renovating or building a home, office or tenant improvement? This service allows people to start with a comprehensive and well thought out plan for your space. With a plan we can help bring the unfamiliar and unplanned ideas of a design project into fruition. 3D Interior Design & Concept Plan is for any type of project, whether it is a Commercial, Hospitality or a Residential property.

What is a 3D Interior Design & Concept Plan? 

We start with what is called Space Planning!! Beginning any project should start with a comprehensive Space Plan and Layout of your space. Space Planning is the fundamental element in Interior Design and it is basically the art and science of planning the areas of interiors so that the inhabitants can move with efficiency and correct spacing based on each clients specific needs and requirements. Think of it as a big jigsaw puzzle, putting pieces of your project in harmony for a particular space. Without these 2 critical components, it is impossible to build an efficient space to live, work or play in. 

How is the space going to be used? What zones are to be used? Is it a residential kitchen? Is it a commercial office? Or is it a retail shoe store? Is there a focal point that needs to be incorporated into the design? Is there a structural wall that cannot be moved? Each of these elements needs to be addressed in Space Planning and Layout. This is the foundation of any design project!  

Once these elements are acknowledged, we can start to realize the space taking shape. Are all the plumbing rooms in the approximate locations? Can people use the kitchen oven without banging into a drawer? Is there appropriate public and private space? Once the Space Planning and Layout is figured out, we draw up the floor plans as a preliminary step for your design. 

Benefits of 3D Interior Design & Concept Plans:

  • Saves time and money!!

  • Looking to start, but don't know where to begin

  • Can serve as a guide for the design concept

  • The drawing can project what the real-life interior would look like

  • Make changes easily on paper as opposed to in the field, possibly delaying the project and increasing costs

  • Allows for faster approval and lowers costs, for the client as well as the design team

What are Concept Plans?  

3D Drawing for a living room refresh in irvine, ca

3D Drawing for a living room refresh in irvine, ca

Have you ever wanted to see what your space would look like before knocking down those walls? (HINTIt's a good idea!) 3D Interior Design can help you "see" before reality sets in! Planning can help save you time, money, and quite possibly, your mind! Having a plan of action with processes can help everyone associated in your design be on the same page and achieve YOUR design goals of your space. 

Each successful project has these two elements: a plan and a process. It is much easier to complete goals with a distinct process to follow. A big mistake that people make in starting a design project is not planning out the specifics, which typically leads to hasty decision making, incomplete measurements, overlooked details and unnecessary money being spent. 

Seeing all these intricacies in a 3D design can take the sting out of your project before a hammer is even swung! These drawings are meant as a guide for your personalized design project. It is much easier to configure options on paper, or a computer, than after construction has begun.

3D Interior Design & Concept Plan Packages Include:

  • A comprehensive scope of work for renovation of your space with design elements to consider

  • CAD drawings and/or 3D views of project areas

  • One Presentation meeting

  • One revision included (layout only)

  • Prices for Drawings and Design Packages are based on the size of your space and your required needs

  • Consultation and/or Site Measurements are extra; these items depend on size, location and availability of project