3D Design + Concept Plans


See Your Space Before it Happens!

Plan. Visualize. Get it Done.

Frustrated and need a new design?

Don’t Know Where to Begin?

Can you relate?

  • Having trouble starting or planning a project that you know needs to happen?

  • Do you need to grasp things before making a decision?

  • Do you tend to make hasty decisions or overlook important details? 


Conceptualize a well planned interior with the ability to see how it will look and function!


Get a sense of…

  • How multi-purpose these drawings can be!

    • Serve as a guide for the design concept

    • Share with others involved in project (Contractors, Tradesmen, etc.)

    • Enhance the understanding of the space

    • Helps explain design solutions for the client’s dilemma

  • What the space will look and feel like in a more concrete form that just lines on paper

  • How many decisions must be made to get to the final ‘scene’

  • How new ideas will work for your spaces


3D Design + Concept Plans truly are worth a thousand words!

Turn architectural and construction hieroglyphics into words and pictures (and vice-versa!)

Many people are visual and cannot imagine what a space will look like by floor plans alone. I realized the importance of this after one of my very first clients. No matter how much I explained their floor plan layout, they couldn’t fathom why more furniture wouldn’t fit in their room...until I showed them.

This is how the 3D Design and Concept Plan was born.

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Health + Wellness

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3D Design + Concept Plans

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The true investment:

Time. Patience. Organization. Expertise.

Let Modern Lotus Interiors do what we do best: Design! We have the experience and expertise to develop a truly unique perspective for your design needs. Because this is what we do everyday!  


Why would this be useful?

Explore new ideas for your space, instead of relying on unrealistic TV shows. Show other design professionals the ideas you are visually trying to implement, instead of relying on just words alone. Remember: a modern cabinet has different meanings to different people! Save time and money on your project by using this process as a multi-purpose tool for your project.


This service is perfect for…

New Building Construction

Remodels + Renovations

Tenant Improvements

Business Relocations and Expansions

Real Estate + Construction Presentations and Proposals

Health + Wellness Spaces


Imagine being able to…

Confidently explain and show your design idea to contractors, tradesmen, investors, etc…

Feel relief that your ideas are on paper in a detailed report for others

Have a scope of the work available to obtain more accurate estimates from trades

Watch your ideas turn into reality!


About Me


I am Caryn Menches and I have worked with many contractors and other industry professionals in helping clients translate ideas into viable solutions. This is one of my favorite parts of design...I see it as a gigantic jigsaw puzzle to solve…and I can’t wait to help get you started on your journey!



Is Space Planning really that important?

YES! For any property, if space clearances and building codes are not adhered to, that property may not be able to open or be occupied. This is the fundamental element in design! Without proper space planning, your design will not work and it will feel off. Why risk or wing it? Do it right the first time and don’t worry about it afterwards.

Can I just go ahead and build with these ideas?

NO! The purpose of these drawing plans are for design intent and illustration purposes only. These plans are not for construction or engineering purposes. They may be used to give your allied building professional the basis to draw construction drawings for local building departments to acquire the proper permits. All measurements are to be verified in field by a qualified contractor.

What if we would like additional services, such as furnishings or finishes selections? Is that a possibility?

Absolutely! Since we will already be familiar with your project, we can also start sourcing and selecting the right materials for your project. Additional services can be added to almost any project. Once Space Planning is approved, everything else is the extra oomph and jewelry that makes the design truly unique and yours.

Would you be able to work with my Architect, Contractor, etc., on my project?

Of Course! The sooner we are involved in the project, the more advantageous it is for the client and everyone else involved so that we are all on the same page.