What is Holistic Design and how can it enhance your spaces?


Holistic Design takes into account the health and wellness of the entire individual(s) as well as their surroundings and incorporates healthy, healing energies and enhances those positive effects into where you work, play and live. Take a car for example, if you inject regular gas into an Lamborghini or Ferrari, the car will definitely not perform to its potential. What you put into the spaces you live or work in has a direct affect on the human body, mind and spirit.  Shouldn't your home or office be treated the same way??

Modern Lotus Interiors strives to incorporate holistic healing energies into every space, whether it is Commercial, Residential or Hospitality projects.  Because everyone deserves to live, work or play in a healthy environment!

Commercial + Hospitality

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Online Design

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"Caryn knew what I wanted before I even knew what I wanted! She took the  time to understand my wants and needs and gave me a beautiful bedroom beyond my expectations! I would definitely recommend her to others!"   - M.S. , Hudson, CO